EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

The EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail Perks


Whoever brought new business owners the idea of having to put up a lot of costly advertisements in order for their business to gain exposure is probably clueless about one of the best services the United States Postal Service is offering — the Every Door Direct Mail service.  This article shall give a brief description of the EDDM USPS mail printing service along with a few key benefits and how to sign up for their Free Kit.

What is EDDM?

If the term is not that familiar to you, EDDM is the acronym for Every Door Direct Mail.  This is a type of postal service which benefits business owners, both large and small.  Upon inspection of its name, one would already have an idea of what its definition is: Mail that Directly goes through Every Door.

Key Benefits

A lot of business owners would attest to the fact that the EDDM USPS mail printing service has done them a great deal of help.  The following are the top key benefits of using the EDDM service.

(1)   No need for mail listings

Unlike ordinary mail, business owners do not need to have a long list of names and street addresses in order for their mail to be sent.  What they should is to just label the mail pieces as “Postal Customer,” drop these off at the post office, and it will be directly sent to the neighborhood which he specified.

(2)   No need for mailing permits

Although larger businesses would inevitably need mailing permits, local retail businesses can sign up for an EDDM service even without one.

(3)   Substantial Messages

Unlike billboard advertisements which do not contain too much information, EDDM postcards can contain as much information as the business owner wants.   He can include site maps, coupons, flyers, and so much more.

(4)   Readily Accessible

Most EDDM transactions are done online, and one can do so by signing up for a business account at USPS.  After the transaction, the mailings will then be sent to the local post office of the area specified by the business owner and will thus be distributed to the local households.

Getting the Free Every Door Direct Mail Kit

This free EDDM kit contains all the information business owners new to the service need.  It contains user manuals and other reading materials containing helpful and informative tips regarding the EDDM USPS mail printing service.  All business owners can sign up for this free kit by just filling up a form at the USPS website and answering a short questionnaire.

Remember that in all types of businesses, communication is the key factor which not only attracts customers but also provides an image which shows that your business is here to stay and render quality service.  Instead of spending a lot on getting your business published on newspaper and magazine advertisements or spending lots of hours handing out flyers to passersby, take advantage of the effective marketing and advertising benefits which are in the form of the Every Door Direct Mail System.

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